Exhotale Audio Visual Installation

Spill Festival

Client: Spill Festival
Collaborator: Semi Echo


We were commisioned by Spill Festival Creative Director Robert Pacitti to create an audio visual installation based on the 'Exhotale' album created by Mawhrin Skel (A.K.A Andrew Laws). The installation was due to be a part of the programme for the 2020 Spill Festival in Ipswich (UK).     

We planned an installation that would be an emmersive experience. The concept, worked on in collaboration with Gareth Patch of Semi-Echo, was installation offering an emmersive, kinesthetic musica  experience. As a part of this we worked with blind and partially-sighted creatives to try and ensure this installation would offer an exprience beyond vision. We were also planing to work with deaf creatives to take the immersion of the intstalltion beyond the audible.

Unfortunately the Exhotale installation was one of the many projects affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to be able to move this project forward in the future.